The Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute
was created by NASA as a virtual institute to
address scientific questions about Earth's moon, near-Earth
asteroids, the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos, and their                         
near space environments.

SSERVI members are domestic research institutions and
international partners that use virtual technologies to enable
and collaborate on new scientific efforts




The Collaborating SSERVI Teams:


Reveals Logo

Radiation Effects on Volatiles and
Exploration of Asteroids and
Lunar Surfaces

VOlatiles, Regolith and Thermal
Investigations Consortium for
Exploration and Science


Dynamic Response of the Environments at
Asteroids, the Moon, and moons of Mars

Institute for Modeling Plasma,
Atmospheres and Cosmic Dust

Cosmic Ray Telescope for
the Effects of Radiation

Center for Lunar and
Asteroid Surface Science

Remote, In Situ, and Synchrotron
Studies for Science and Exploration