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Presentation Abstracts:

Thomas Orlando: Adsorption, Formation and Transport of Molecular Water on Lunar Regolith
Presented at NASA Exploration Science Forum 2019

Brant Jones: "In Situ Formation of Molecular Water on Mercury"
Presented at NASA Exploration Science Forum 2019

William Farrell: The Young Age of the LAMP-Observed Frost in Lunar Polar Craters
Presented at NASA Exploration Science Forum 2019

Zach Seibers: "Multi-Functional Composites for Space Travel: Design Considerations and Early Concepts Using Reduced Graphene Oxide as a Polymer Reinforcer"
Presented at NASA Exploration Science Forum 2019

Micah Schaible: "Using the solar wind to map the history of the Solar System: SIMS analysis of small bodies"
Presented at LunGradCon 2019