Mihály Horányi

Photo of Mihály Horányi
Role on REVEALS: 

Advisory Board


University of Colorado, Boulder

Areas of Research: 

Theoretical and experimental investigations of space and laboratory
     complex (dusty) plasmas.
Electrodynamic processes and their role in the origin and evolution of
     the solar system, comets, planetary rings, plasma surface interactions.
     Dust charging, in situ and remote observations of dust. Dusty plasma
     laboratory experiments and space hardware development.


M. Horányi, V. Hoxie, D. James, A. Poppe, C. Bryant, B. Grogan, B. Lamprecht, J. Mack, F. Bagenal, S. Batiste, N. Bunch, T. Chantanowich, F. Christensen , M. Colgan, T. Dunn , G. Drake, A. Fernandez, T. Finley, G. Holland, A. Jenkins, C. Krauss, E. Krauss, O. Krauss, M. Lankton, C. Mitchell, M. Neeland , T. Resse, K. Rash, G. Tate, C. Vaudrin, J. Westfall, The Student Dust Counter on the New Horizons Mission, Space Science Rev. 140, 387, 2008.

M. Horányi, J. A. Burns, M. M. Hedman, G. H. Jones, S. Kempf, Saturn’s Diffuse Rings, in: Saturn after Cassini-Huygens, eds: M. Dougherty, L. Esposito, T. Krimigis, Univ. of Arizona Press, 511-536, 2009.

Horányi, O. Havnes, G. E. Morfill, Dusty Plasmas in the Solar System, in: Complex (Dusty) Plasmas, eds: V. Fortov and G.E. Morfill, CRC Press, 2009.