Katherina Fiege

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Heidelberg University / ESA


2010 Diploma in Geology at Heidelberg University, Germany (Geosciences)
2013 Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) at Heidelberg University, Germany (Mineralogy/Cosmochemistry), Thesis: The composition of interstellar dust as seen by the Cassini Cosmic Dust Analyzer

Areas of Research: 
Cosmochemistry, Astromineralogy
Micrometeoroid impacts
Space weathering

NASA Group Achievement Award 2018 


2010 - 2015 - Research with the Cosmic Dust Group at Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Heidelberg and University of Stuttgart, Germany “Composition of interstellar dust"

2015-2017 - DFG International Research Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Chemistry & Biochemistry, EPICS lab, Atlanta, GA, USA and Heidelberg University, Germany The role of micrometeoroid impacts in space weathering"

2018 - recent - Research with European Space Agency, University of Heidelberg and REVEALS “Simulation of Ices in the Jovian System in support of the JUICE mission"


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Altobelli, N.*, Postberg, F.*, Fiege, K.* Trieloff, M*., Kimura, H., Sterken, V. J., ... & Blum, (2016). Flux and composition of interstellar dust at Saturn from Cassini’s Cosmic Dust Analyzer. Science, 352(6283), 312-318. *Co- first authors 

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