Jay LaVerne

Photo of Jay LaVerne

Notre Dame


B.S., Lamar University, 1972
Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1981

Areas of Research: 

Chemical effects of particle track structure
Radiation effects in condensed systems
Interfacial radiation effects
Radiation chemistry
Heavy ion radiolysis
Chemical physics
Physical chemistry
Environmental chemistry
Analytical chemistry


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S. C. Reiff and J. A. La Verne (2015) "Radiation-Induced Chemical Changes to Iron Oxides", Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119, 7358-7365.

S. C. Reiff and J. A. La Verne (2015) "Gamma and He Ion Radiolysis of Copper Oxides", Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 8821-8828.

J. Ma, J. A. LaVerne and M. Mostafavi (2015) "Scavenging the Water Cation in Concentrated Acidic Solutions", Journal of Physical Chemistry A 119, 10629-10636.

J. A. LaVerne and J. Dowling-Medley (2015) "Combinations of Aromatic and Aliphatic Radiolysis", Journal of Physical Chemistry A 119, 10125-10129.